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Vegetarian EGGs Curry | Sham-Sawera

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(100 Grams) : Cottage Cheese Grated
(1 Cup) : Palak puree Spinach Blanched and churn it into a smooth paste
(2 Medium) : Onions Diced
(3 Medium) : Tomatoes Diced
(1/2 Cup) : Cashew Powder Coarse
(1/2 Cup) : Gram Flour
(1/2 Cup) : Fresh Cream
(4 TBSPN) : Oil
(100 Grams) : Butter
(To Taste) : Salt
(1 TBSPN) : Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder
(Pinch) : Turmeric Powder
(1 - 2 Drops) : Kewra essence Just to enhance the flavors
(To Fry) : Oil
(2 Tspn) : Cumin Seeds
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Vegetarian EGGs Curry | Sham-Sawera

Sham-Sawera is a popular north Indian dish crafted innovative-ly served with Chapati, Naan or any choice of Indian bread

  • Sweet
  • Tangy
  • Vegan



A very unique North Indian dish. While EGGS look alikes are made of Spinach for Shell and Paneer (cottage cheese) Stuffing as yolk. Served in a makhamali brown gravy… Goes best with Naan or any choice of Indian Bread…

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For EGGS (Koftas):

Heat oil in a pan.
Add cumin seeds and let it be aromatic. Add Ginger-Garlic paste.
Add pinch of hing and green chilly paste.
Mix it well.
Add a cup full of Spinach(Palak) puree.
Keep on stirring. Cook for 2 minutes.


Add Cashew powder and gram flour to the mixture.
Keep on stirring continuously to make sure no lumps left.
Cook till it leaves the pan and become like a smooth dough. Take it in a plate and let it cool down.


In an another mixing bowl, take grated paneer (cottage cheese).
Add pinch of black peeper and salt. Mix it properly.
Add a teaspoon of sugar and kneed it gently like a dough.
Make tiny balls of the mixture and keep it aside.


Make equal portions from the cooked palak dough.
Flatten one portion in a palm and put a tiny ball of stuffing (paneer balls) into it.
Close it properly and make a proper round ball.
Do it with all portions.
Coat all the prepared balls into corn flour (Dry).
Deep fry till it changes slight color and become crispy outer shell.


For Gravy:-

Heat butter and oil in a pan.
Add Garlic cloves, cashews and all KHADA masalasa (bay leaves, cloves, black peppers, starannies etc). Mix it properly.
Add diced onions, diced tomatoes. Cook it for 5 minutes.
Let it be mushy. (Can add little water if required).
Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool down.


Churn it into mixer till smooth paste.
Sieve it to get the smoother gravy.
Heat oil and butter into a pan.
Add Cumin seeds, let them become aromatic.
Add fine paste (gravy) into this and start stirring it on low flame.
Season it with all spices.
Mix it well. Add little water and cook it for 5 - 10 minutes with closed lid.
Add fresh cream and mix it gently.
Gravy is ready.


For Serving:-

Cut the EGGs (Kofta) into two. It will look like an egg :-)
In a serving bowl, spread gravy evenly.
arrange cut eggs upside down.

Have it hot with choice of bread.


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