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Traditional Recipe with Fusion

Recipe Contest from 20th April to 19th May 2018


Theme: Traditional Recipe with Fusion (Pick any traditional recipe not necessarily INDIAN and add your fusion or have your own twist by merging flavours, ingredients, cooking style etc…)

How to participate

  1. Post your recipe based on the above theme on https://bosketsalimentos.com (Refer to the instruction in point 2 how to post the recipe).
  2. Open the website https://bosketsalimentos.com. Go to Recipe>Submit Recipe Menu.
    1. If you are already a register user login with your credentials
    2. If you are not registered user, then sign up with the simple steps or via your Facebook Login.
  3. On Submit Recipe Page (https//bosketsalimentos.com/submit-recipe/), post your recipe step-by-step.
    1. Use original picture of your own recipe
    2. ONLY VEGETARIAN RECIPES has to be posted. (without even using EGGS)
    3. Main Picture of the recipe must be uploaded under “FEATURED IMAGE” section on the page. It is mandatory.
    4. You can select the ingredients from the drop down; If the ingredients is not populated, you can add new ingredient by clicking on “+” sign at the upper edge of the ingredients box.
    5. You must select “FUSIONCONTESTENTRY” option under “Recipe Feature” tab while entering the recipe. Only recipe with this option will be considered for the contest.
    6. All the step pics are optional but good to have.


The contest will be Judged by a very popular celebrity chef “Chef Sadaf Hussain (Click here to Know more about him)”


Result will be announced in a week time after the contest gets over (19th May 2018).

Winning Categories

  1. Best Creative Recipe
  2. Best Presentation (Creativity & Presentation will be considered)
  3. Maximum Entries

BEST 3 Recipes will be featured and promoted on the website and FB page for a month time.

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