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Palak Paneer – Restaurant Style

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(500 Grams) : Spinach
(250 Grams) : Cottage Cheese Diced in squares
(150 Grams) : Butter
(2 TBSPN) : Oil
(2 Tspn) : Kasuri Methi Crushed
(3 Medium) : Onions Finely Chopped
(3 Medium) : Tomatoes Finely Chopped
(2 Nos.) : Bay Leaf
(3 - 4 Nos.) : Black Pepper
(As per taste) : Salt
(2 Nos.) : Dry Red Chilly
(8 - 10 Nos.) : Garlic Cut in Julienne
(1 Inch) : Ginger Cut in Julienne
(2 TBSPN) : Fresh Cream
(2 Tspn) : Turmeric Powder
(2 Drops) : Kevada Water SECRET INGREDIENTS

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Palak Paneer – Restaurant Style

Presenting the restaurant style Palak Paneer.

  • Gluten Free
  • Spicy



Palak Paneer or “Saag” paneer is a very popular North Indian Delicacy. “Saag” means any greens of any grains or veggies and which is widely available during season of winter. Traditionally, Saag is prepared from any greens using different spicing and desi masalas. Gradually, it became so popular in different parts and got the makeover. Among which ‘Saag’ and Paneer is the most favorite combination.

Presenting here the exactly the way it is prepared/served in the restaurants with the secret ingredients and the technique.

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Preparing the Spinach puree:-

Wash the spinach leaves properly.
Boil water in a big pot and once it's boiled, add roughly chopped spinach leaves and cook it not more than 2 minutes with open lid. Leave 3-4 spinach leaves raw which we will use finely chopped while preparing the gravy. (it will give a nice crunch while eating).

(Tip: you can add pinch of salt at this stage along with a pinch of baking soda. It will retain the green color of the spinach) :-)

After 2 minutes, drain all the hot water and immediately add the blanched spinach to the pot full of ice or iced water to stop them cooking further and retain the green color. Let it cool down to the room temperature. By the time, you can chop the onion and tomatoes.


Add the blanched and cooled spinach leaves in a mixture bowl.
Add 2 green chilies and 1 tbsp of finely chopped coriander leaves.
Make a smooth paste of the same.
Keep it aside.


For the Gravy:-

In a pan, heat 1 TBSPN of oil along with 3 - 4 Cubes of the butter. ( approx.: 50 grams).
Add Cumin seeds and mustered seeds to it and let them crackled well.
Add dry red chilly and 1 tspn of crushed kasuri methi (dry fanugreek ) to it.
Add all whole spices ( clove , black pepper).
Add finely chopped onion and let them cook till translucent. Add finely chopped garlic and ginger to it.

At this stage add finely chopped raw spinach leaves and cook for a while.

Add finely tomatoes and cook it till they are soft or mushy.

Season it with all the spices i.e.: salt, turmeric powder, kitchen king masala, red chilly powder and mix it well.


Add the spinach puree to it. Give a gentle mix.

Cook it with the closed lid for another 2 - 3 minutes.
(Tip: you can add little water if required).

At this stage, add only 1 drop (not more than this), of kevada water. It will give it a nice aroma same like restaurant. :-)


Once the gravy is ready, add paneer cubes to it and close the lid and cook it just for 2 minutes.

You can mix it also if required. Also, can be served as seen in the main pic of the dish.

Serve it hot with any choice of Roti, naan, kulcha etc...


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